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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  August 5, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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rest of the wreckage so that the families of those on board can finally have some peace about this tragedy. thank you very much for joining us. >> more on this story. the real story with gretchen starts now. we are continuing the fox news alert and the breaking news that's happening right now. malaysia's prime minister revealing that that flaperon the part of the wing from a plane found on reunion island does belong to the missing malaysian airliner mh flight 370. as you can see right now, this is a live picture coming out of paris where the paris prosecutor is about to give a press conference. as you can see right now they're still preparing for this. but the news just coming from the malaysian prime minister in fact this is part of the wing of mh 370. now the french prosecutor remember that part of the wing was taken to france and it was analyzed and now they're coming out today at this hour and saying in fact it was that plane that has been missing for almost 18 months. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg pell cot
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joins us from our london newsroom. you were on reunion island a couple days ago, what are we to make of this now? >> reporter: the people on reunion island and people around the world are a little happier with the news we have just received from the malaysian prime minister that in fact this wing fragment does in fact come from the doomed flight malaysian air mh 370. again, just a couple of minutes ago we heard from malaysian prime minister najib razak. he said that was from the plane that went down 17 months ago killing 239 people in the process. from its appearance gretchen the experts that we were speaking to over the past several days had pretty much been sure that it was from a boeing 777. s the same kind of aircraft that is the flight mh 370. and there were no boeing 777s missing anywhere in the world except around the indian ocean.
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so by a process of elimination, most people were thinking this was going to come out to be true the real thing. but we still had to wait for the announcement coming as we've just heard it. the fragment frenchgretchen is being looked all and i'll underscore that and get back to that in a minute in an aeronautical lab in tu loose, france specializing in these kinds of matters. as you noted, we were on the island when the plane wing part was placed on a plane friday night after it had been recovered on a beach on wednesday of last week. it was transported to paris by plane and then driven down from paris to tu lose to be examined by an international team of experts from malaysia france china, australia, and yes, from the united states. an official at least one, from
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the ntsb were there and most critically officials from the boeing corporation. again, this was a boeing plane. officials from the boeing corporation were there to take a look at it. it was thought that it might be an easy thing to look for, that is a serial number 0or a part number identifying that it was from that plane, but it wasn't a positive thing. it was thought that maybe there would be more examination, but apparently they have ascertained what they're going to look for and we've just begun to look at this wing with possible broader ramifications for what happened behind the crash, why it crashed, where it crashed. back to you, gretchen. >> greg stick with me just a moment as we're waiting for this press conference to start in paris with the french prosecutor. no doubt one of the other things they're going to talk about is other evidence they were able to get off of reunion island thus far. when you were there, i know there was that double bag but they said that that was not related to the crash but they also found some bottles and
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other pieces of evidence potentially. what do you know about that? >> reporter: so far, gretchen, none of the other items found on reunion island is thought to be definitively from mh 370. the closest thing that people are looking at and it is in a paris area lab right now is a suitcase that was found, a part of a suitcase that was found on thursday. other than that nothing of substance is being looked at. quickly look at what they're going to get from this. number one, this is definitely mh 370, so the search for more debris like it on reunion island neighboring islands, mad gas car, that will be intensify intensified looking for debris. we've been told by experts that this indicates they're looking in the right place. so the search will be clarified, gretchen. >> greg live from london we'll be back with you as we get more
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information. let's bring in aviation attorney mitch bow mooiser. great to have you on. i assume that now they're going to readjust the search for any other remaining parts of this plane because this is 3,000 miles away from where they were originally looking for remnants of mh 370, right? >> well that's the million dollar question gretchen. whether they will readjust or whether this is in a sense, a piece of the wreckage that has floated 3,000 miles and winds up on reunion island. a lot will depend on what further debris we begin to see surfacing if there is some kind of biological examination that can pinpoint the area further. let's bring in a little common sense here. the counter clockwise circulation of the current moves essentially from west to east. given the rate of growth of the barnacles, it certainly has been in the water a long time. >> right. >> to me the more important
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issue is we clearly now know that sadly and tragically the plane is somewhere on the bottom of the ocean. >> right. >> the second most important thing to me is if we can get from the analysis on the flaperon whether this was a high speed descent, ultimately causing what i call a rip-away of the part in a way that indicated it was a high speed descent, whether it had been deployed whether it was deployed and it was ripped off in contact with the ocean, whether it plummeted to the ocean and because of corrosion separated from the aircraft. these will tell us additional things not necessarily where it's at but it's one small part of the puzzle. you got to remember we go back to picking up the pieces off the floor in long island in tw 100, the swiss air 111 when it
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crashed into the atlantic off nova scotia this is a small piece of the puzzle a good one, a beginning, but it is only a beginning. >> let's talk a little more about the flaps. when they first found this piece of the wreckage on reunion island we had other flap experts say you would be able to look at this flap and tell what kind of stress it had on it as to what you were just talking about, whether it was a nose dive into the ocean or a coast into the ocean, or as you alluded to maybe it all went down underneath and then this just corroded off eventually after so much time under water. that will be easy to discern or not so much? >> not so much. it will possibly be capable of being -- let me explain it to you in a way. assume a flat surface of a wing. you generally use the flaperon when you get into what we call the landing configuration or a slow glide and it adds to the stability of the aircraft. if it had been deployed some
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people pos it that maybe this aircraft was literally flown into what we call a water ditch landing, and if it had been deployed to provide stability during a landing phase on the ocean, it got ripped away. others may say, well if it was at 30,000 feet and it went nose down if it was flat against the wing and had not been deployed the likelihood of it being ripped off is small. if on the other hand there was some kind of manipulation between 10,000 and the sea level where it had been deployed and i was a high speed descent, a nose down i would expect parts of the aircraft exterior to be ripped off. so these are things to see. was it a corrosive, static separation a high speed dynamics separation and is that easy no. is it possible yes, who knows. >> let's talk about the barnacles.
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some of the micro biologist experts have said that you can tell they called them cosmo poll tan barnacles, in other words, they're coming from different areas as that piece of wreckage may have traveled but will they be able to tell where the plane actually went down based on the biology of these barnacles? >> you answered the question yourself gretchen by pos itting it the way you did. barnacles don't appear instantaneously. i've been a sailor and have not sailed the south ocean but it takes quite a while for the biological buildup to occur in the ocean. a wing floating there and most of us myself included believed this was from mh 370 simply because they have been no flaperons lost on 777 in forever. therefore, it was highly expected this would be a 370 piece. the question really is is it going to be barnacles that would
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have collected on the wing quickly or it takes time for this to happen. could we get some information out of it yes. is it going to pinpoint where the plane is no. may it narrow down the search area from instead of thousands of square miles to less than that possibly. i think that's what everybody is hoping for. >> let me ask you this. if we go back in time mitch, and go back to the fact that they never found one piece of evidence in this entire search and it went on for months why do you think now that they never found anything and now we find part of this wing more than 3,000 miles away? >> gretchen i've asked that question to myself and i've been involved in every one of the crashes that i've mentioned to you. we have always seen a debris field of some kind. again, being someone who's a pilot and someone who's been on the ocean, the ocean is incredibly huge. to miss a small piece of a wing
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says to me one of two things. number one, it's not hard to miss a small piece. to miss a debris field suggests to me that there is some kind of a debris field under the ocean, most of this plane has gone in and is in fact somewhere -- i don't necessarily mean intact in the sense that the plane is intact but a lot of the material and debris field is contained therein somewhere on the bottom of the ocean. twa, a couple hundred feet off the long island coast. swiss air, a couple hundred feet off the water in nova scotia. the southern ocean is thousands of feet deep with canyons and crevices and i think it's very very hard to spot a small piece. that's why we've been unable to find it. i think there's a large portion of this plane somewhere on the bottom of the southern ocean. >> mitch bow mice ter, aviation
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attorney who's giving us his expertise. just confirmed that in fact that flaperon that was found some seven to ten days ago on reunion island in the indian ocean that that's in fact mh 370 belonging to that boeing 777 that went down 17 months ago without a trace, that piece of wregckage is part of that plane. greg, what do you expect to hear from the french prosecutor when they come to the podium? we'll still waiting for that live press conference. >> reporter: i'm expecting that we will hear a firmer definition that in fact this was a fragment from mh 370 and probably outlining how they found that out. again, probably fairly simply with a serial number or a part number that they could find. remember i mentioned that there
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was at least one representative from the boeing corporation, it was a boeing 777, a part of this international team and that will be highlighted. it could have taken a little more effort but frankly, the news that we are getting so fast from that team, it looks likes it was a pretty straight forward procedure to identify this plane. i'm taken back gretchen you were discussing the absolute remarkable nature of this discovery. you have to be there on reunion island to understand reunion island is a tiny place. it's about 40 miles across. the indian ocean, when you're playing into reunion island looking out at it from the coastline, it is massive. it is by sheer, absolute luck or i think i mentioned maybe even a live shot with you, gretchen perhaps some other thing was behind the discovery of this that it landed on that beach. but it did, and that's why everybody is very grateful. again, i think what we'll look
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at number one, is an increased search for debris in that area a confirmation according to the experts that we've been talking to the currents brought it there from an area where the search team led by australia, had been searching off of that southwest coast of australia, ander examination from what i've been hearing and reading, they have all sorts of things in that laboratory that can glean all sorts of information from this wing fragment, from this flabperon. they're using sonar devices, x-rays sonograms, to figure out exactly what happened and maybe explain a little of what happened at that crash. >> stand by as we continue to await that live press conference from the french prosecutor in paris. thank you, greg. here with me now is john scott, anchor of "happening now," a pilot himself. this was breaking during your show. talk to me about the current and
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how this would have moved at least one piece of debris that far away from the supposed search site. >> as you know the earth is always spinning and that helps generate currents in the ocean so there is this huge counter clockwise current in the indian ocean. if the plane went down in roughly the area where they think it did, if you look on the ocean graphic maps the currents then travel from that general area north along the west coast of australia, to the indian subcontinent and then back south along the coast of africa. that's where reunion island is and where this piece of debris washed up. >> you're a pilot. talk a little about the flaps on this wing and what we might hear in fact from the french prosecutor about exactly what position that flap was in in the condition that at least they found it when they found that piece. >> that's going to be interesting to know. i don't fly a jet. i don't fly a 777, but i study
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aviation and i read a lot of articles. one of the interesting things will be were those flaps extended when the plane came down. my suspicion is that they were not, that they had some kind of a catastrophic event at altitude and never got a chance to put the flaps down. you generally wouldn't put the flaps down anyway in a jetliner in this situation because you're trying to extend the glide for as far as possible. if the flaps were down that suggestion that the pilots had some time and power to be able to do that and i suspect they did not. >> let's go back though to when we were originally covering this plane as a missing aircraft. remember they turned off all the trans ponders, right? >> something did. a friend of mine is an expert mechanic a student of aviation who has years of experience believes that they had some kind of a fire in the belly of that aircraft and it disabled their
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communication system. when you look at the wiring bundles that go in modern jet aircraft much of the wiring, just as they do in houses is lumped together. if you get a fire in that spot you have a problem. >> hold on for a minute, john. the french prosecutor live from paris on mh 370. we're going to continue to wait for a moment to see if this is translated to english. let's listen in for a moment. >> this communication follows the discovery of debris in the island of reunion. in this phase i would like to remind you of the legal structure of the investigation and in the second phase i will talk about the first results of our investigation. on the 11th of march, 2014 the prosecutors in paris started the first inquiry because the 8th of march the flight mh 370
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disappeared. the malaysian airlines there were 239 and four people were french among those. the fact that there were french victims aboard that flight it's a legal condition that makes french legal system competent. the specialist in the search and the french police were in charge of the investigation. the legal investigation started and later on it was enlarged that might be also the possibility of a kidnapping of plane plane, causing the death of various people. it might be connected to a terrorist activity and that very wide frame made it possible for the french legal system the
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desire of which is to find the truth to deepen the various possibilities. three judges in paris have been designed to be in charge of the investigation. there is an investigation judge specialist. another specialist in collective accident and another one which was in charge. the three judges once they were told that the debris was found on the 29th of july 2015 in reunion island decided that there should be an inquiry about it that debris from the plane wing was taken to the center where there is a specialist for flight problems for a legal investigation on the 3rd of august.
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a representative of the malaysian airlines and also the malaysian police and their representatives of china and australia also was there and the people from the group in charge of analysis for civil security. this afternoon at 3:00 in the afternoon the operation started in the specialized center in ball ma under the control and presence of one of the three judges responsible for that investigation. there was also somebody who represented the paris legal system and somebody representing the research department. they are specialized and designated by the special judge. it's under the authority of the
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various operations have been carried out and are now carried out. the various experts have the support of specialists in the army and also two representatives of the plane builders. the operation has also the support of various people who have been designated by the various countries that are involved in that investigation, the head of civil aviation in malaysia a representative of malaysian airline and also various experts in airline situations, china, united kingdom, australia, singapore, france malaysia of course. from france there's an expert from the bureau of analysis for aviation.
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there is a legal expert who was looked at that flaperon. on the basis of the analysis carried out by the expert we can say today that there is very strong presumption, strong likeness that that flaperon that was found on a beach on reunion island should belong to that boeing from mh 370 from malaysian airlines which disappeared in march 2014. there's two reasons behind that. the representatives of boeing confirm that this flaperon does in fact, belong to boeing 777 and there are technical reasons for that. the structural links in particular. there's also another reason. the representative of the malaysian airline company
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communicated various elements as to the technical documentation for that boeing flight mh 370. on that basis we were able to carry out a connection between the debris that has been analyzed by the experts and the flaperon of that flight. on the basis of the specific technical characteristics, it is very likely and a strong presumption which of course has to be confirmed tomorrow morning in the lab of the technical department and i'm not at this stage able to tell you tonight at what time the results of these analyses will be available. the experts are carrying out their work as quickly as possible. the idea is to provide information that is as complete and trustworthy as possible and as quickly as possible.
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it's important for the victims and their families. regarding the debris that was found next to that flaperon during the transport, that debris was also going to be analyzed by the institute of criminal research and of course we will keep you up to date as to the result of the various investigations that are being carried out. thank you. >> we have been watching the french prosecutor there live in paris giving an update on that flaperon, that part of the wing that was found, confirming that it is from mh 370, although the malaysian prime minister officially confirmed it about 30 minutes ago. now the french prosecutor says there's a strong presumption that this in fact belongs to pm 370.
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let's bring john scott back in who's live with me in studio. we really didn't learn that much more by listening to this press conference. there could be legal reasons behind that. they said they're going to go through further analysis tomorrow but not a tremendous amount of details about where this plane went down or anything like that. >> they say they are going to be examining the metal in that fragment of the wing to hopefully give them an indication of where the plane went down. if there was some sort of a fire in the cargo hold there might be trace elements of smoke on the fuselage but that probably wouldn't be on the wing and i doubt they can find it with microscopic examination. >> back to the barnacles though it seems like that could actually lead us to even a bigger answer or more evidence about what actually happened because there are so many barnacles on that particular flap wing right? >> and they hope to study the barnacles.
11:26 am
they have -- there are fingerprints if you will on the barnacles that tell them what part of the ocean this debris was in when that particular barnacle began to grow attached itself to the wing and began to grow. so they hope they can sort of retrace the steps of this thing by examining the marine life that's growing on board and maybe get closer to finding where the plane went down. >> john stand by. greg are you still live with us from london? >> absolutely gretchen. >> your thoughts on what we just heard? >> reporter: as you said we didn't learn too much more than the presumption that it is mh 370. what we did glean from that lean statement, gretchen is how they came up with this carefully worded presumption that it is probably pmh 370. four we learned there were two representatives from boeing there. remember this was a boeing 777 plane. they, according to the paris prosecutor said that definitely
11:27 am
is from a boeing 777. and then remember there's an international body of analysts grouped into this laboratory in tu loose, france including representatives from malaysian air and according to the prosecutor malaysian air said that due to the -- let's get the wording on this now -- the technical characteristics and the technical documentation that they could either see or they knew about this flap they could say not only was it boeing 777, but also it was our boeing 777. and it was basically mh 370. i think the very fact again, it's a paris prosecutor so careful legalese wording and he said as you've just noted they'll continue to examine it tomorrow morning to absolutely 100% be sure of it. but i think we heard from the malaysian prime minister 45 minutes ago. he said it was mh 370.
11:28 am
i don't think the malaysian prime minister with all the various criticisms in the past of how malaysia has handled this inquiry, i don't think he would go out on a wing unless he felt it was 100% sure. basically, again, it came from that laboratory in france. it came from two sources, those two americans, two boeing representatives, as well as malaysian air representatives saying it's a boeing 777 and it's our boeing. >> there were not a lot of details but the other thing that he did talk about was the fact that the suitcase would be analyzed tomorrow. are we to assume that that photo that we've been showing, sort of the remnants of a duffle bag, are we to assume that was the only fragment found near this wing on reunion island and that's the one they're talking about? >> reporter: yes, gretchen. that was discovered on thursday and taken into custody by the
11:29 am
french police on the ground. it was sent up along with that wing to france to paris, and it right now is in a laboratory outside of paris. that will be examined. to be honest with you, gretchen from what i heard from the people on the ground they're much less certain that that is from that flight. for one thing, it's quite a remarkable thing. we were on that beach exactly where the wing was found, and that suitcase was found not too far away from it on the same beach. the likelihood of that happening is very extreme. also there were no sea growth marine growth. you were talking with john and your guest about the barnacles that grew on that wing. there was nothing like that on this suitcase. frankly, the gut from people on the ground is that's not from mh 370, but that doesn't really matter. what matters is this is and for the first time we have the first bit of evidence that could lead analysts to begin to unravel
11:30 am
what is described as one of the biggest aviation mysteries of all time gretchen. >> greg stand by again if you will. thank you for that update. back in studio with john scott. let's go back to when this plane was first missing. there was so much discussion about did one of the pilots deliberately want to take this plane down. we know that the transponder went off and there was no communication after one last good night. you have just talked about an aviation friend or mechanical friend who said that possibly there was a fire in the belly. there's also the possibility that this was a deliberate act. >> possible. all of those are possible. until we find the transponders and the fuselage of that aircraft we're not going to know for sure. i believe there was a large shipment of lithium ion batteries. this is malaysia. they produce a lot of that kind of thing. a shipment of ion batteries in the belly of that plane. when those things catch fire and they have been known to do so before. they brought down a 747 cargo
11:31 am
freighter in the middle east a couple of years earlier. when they catch fire they burn hotter than blow torches. it's possible they had a fire in the belly that melted the wiring that incapacitated the aircraft and possibly all the people on board and it flew on as a ghost ship until it ran out of fuel. we don't know. >> the piece of information today that it looks like this wing has been confirmed to be part of mh 370, a boeing 777. john scott, thank you so much. greg pellcot thank you as well live from london. much more analysis on this as the french prosecutor just said investigators are going to try and confirm that that flap was indeed part of it. investigation continues tomorrow in france. our other top story today, these are your top tier candidates ahead of tomorrow's first republican primary of the 2016 race. greta has her advice for each of those candidates when we return.
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ooh pizza rolls! ahh! they're ready! make summer awesummer with totino's pizza rolls. and get a free movie ticket when you spend $10. the oth story today, tomorrow's g.o.p. debate. there you have them right there. the very same ones chosen are the top ten searched on google in the last week. with donald trump leading the pack across the country in every state but one, that state is wisconsin. will governor scott walker gain the most searches there.
11:36 am
joining me now, greta van susteren anchor of on the record. greta, great to have you on today. what do you make of the fact that donald trump is the most googleable searched guy of the top ten we're going to see tomorrow night? >> i think that's to be expected. he's winning in the polls and i think he has the most to lose because he is number one. everybody wants to take a swipe at him. he never throws the first punch but if someone punches them he usually nukes the person and tomorrow night he ought to be more measured in his responses should people take swipes at him. >> that's an interesting piece of advice. i want to go down the top ten with you and get your one-line advice for the candidates. let's start with governor john kasich. >> he is the governor of ohio. he needs to own that stage, act like he's in charge and welcome everybody else there like he's the boss guy, that's a great message to send to the world. >> ohio is such an important state obviously for republicans especially if they want to
11:37 am
regain the white house. >> plus he's got a great resume that he should get out to the people that they may not know. >> governor chris christie needs to be ready for this question. explain the seven credit downgrades in the state of new jersey. if you can't take care of the state of new jersey how are you going to handle the economy of the entire nation. >> senator rand paul? >> his problem is he has to avoid talking about domestic spying and he's got to answer the same question senator ted cruz and marco rubio have to answer why should we elect a first term senator as president after all the heat president obama, former senator obama got. >> that brings us to senator marco rubio of florida. >> his problem is he's a first term senator but he was part of the gang of 8 who tried to get an immigration program through. he's got to explain not only why he was not successful in doing it but it also had what many in the g.o.p. base call amnesty for
11:38 am
11 million. he needs to explain why the g.o.p. voters who don't usually like amitynesty should like his ideas. >> ted cruz. >> first term senator, he's got that problem. the other thing is that he's got to somehow take votes off donald trump. they're sort of vying for the same boat. he's got to peel off trump's votes without taking a swipe at trump. >> ben carson? >> he's a very interesting candidate. he's a smart guy, a neurosurgeon but he has to make sure that he's not so meek that he's not invisible. he's so soft spoken. he has to be more potent in his delivery tomorrow night. >> governor mike huckabee? >> he needs to make sure that people know that he was a governor that in 2008 he won iowa very popular with evangelicals. most people might think of him as a fox news host and they'll
11:39 am
swipe at a fox news host. to be a tv host doesn't make you necessarily a good candidate for president. >> governor scott walker of wisconsin? >> big problem there is that wisconsin is very divided. governor scott walker there are people who absolutely love him and people who absolutely hate them. the question is how does he unite the nation if he's got such a divided state. >> governor jeb bush? >> he needs to make sure he doesn't take any bait. people always try to get him to take a position against his brother. the second thing is he's a strong supporter of common core and he needs to make a very convincing argument in less than a minute as to why the g.o.p. should embrace common core because he is so married to common core. but he shouldn't take the bait on his brother and people are always going to try to do that to him. >> to the number one guy at least right now, donald trump. >> donald trump needs to just be donald trump, maybe be a little more measured though. he's number one.
11:40 am
he's going to have a lot incoming. he's got a lot of people who want air time. he's got host who want air time and a lot of attention is going to be on him. he needs to be very measured. he also would be wise to have some specifics about his plan. he tends to tell us what he's going to do in broad terms. he might want to have a few more details. senator rand paul sometimes gives us too many details. >> all right, it will be very interesting to see it all happen tomorrow beginning at 5:00 p.m. eastern right here on fox. greta, we'll watching you tonight. thank you. >> thank you. the fbi stepping up the investigation on the other side of the fence. hillary clinton's e-mails, looking at the security of the devices storing her e-mails now. chief white house correspondent ed henry live in washington. is hillary clinton the target of a criminal investigation? >> gretchen not yet but when your campaign has to for the second time in three weeks say that technically she is not the target of a criminal investigation, you know your campaign is getting into some trouble here. technically it's just the fbi
11:41 am
investigating her server as you mentioned, but whose server was it? it was hillary clinton's. she set it up when she was secretary of state. that's under review right now. they're asking her personal attorney david kendall, about a thumb drive he has with her official e-mails from the state department. it's interesting because as the heat gets turned up on clinton, her chief polster, joel bennettson told reporters that basically this is about republican attack not about a legitimate investigation. listen. >> we expect more attacks. i suspect we'll probably hear some during the debates again. that's the past time of republicans. but they're trying to make a case about her. she's out there making her case about what she's going to do for the american people. we think that's the right debate for us to have right now. >> now, it's interesting to see whether voters are going to buy that though. there's a new poll out overnight from new hampshire, obviously the key early state. it shows that bernie sanders has
11:42 am
vaulted to within six points of hillary clinton, and the margin of error on that poll is 5.9 points so the polster involved says to him it's a statistical tie right now. bernie sanders a little earlier today said he's going to win this thing. listen. >> i think the american people understand that there is something fundamentally wrong about the way we do politics and commission in this economics in this country. they are tired of the establishment. they want a movement that stands up and says enough is enough. >> you hear sanders. he's getting excited obviously. we asked hillary clinton's staff will she watch the fox debate tomorrow. they say, no she's going to be on a plane during the debate and she won't watch it live but i suspect she's going to find the highlights later. >> if you're in the competition, you got to watch the competition. thank you. president obama making his plea to the american public today to get that deal with iran signed by using the iraq war to
11:43 am
get congress behind him. will that strategy work?
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welcome back to a busy day. president obama defending his nuke agreement with iran today, describing the upcoming vote in congress as the most important since the vote authorizing the war in iraq in 2002. >> many of the same people who argued for the war in iraq are now making the case against the iran nuclear deal. more than a decade later we still live with the consequences of the decision to invade iraq. ironically the single greatest beneficiary in the region of that war was the islamic republic of iran. >> monica crowley online opinion editor for the washington times, fox news contributor, dan gir stin president of gotham ghost writers. dan, you're on the democrat side of things but you think to compare it to the iraq war today was possibly a mistake? >> i don't think it was possibly a mistake but it does create a point of comparison.
11:47 am
if you look at the amount of effort the bush administration put into persuading the american people right or wrong of the decision to go to war and compare that to what president obama has not done until the deal was announced, you see a big gap in educating the american people. if he's going to say this is the most consequential foreign policy decision since the iraq war but not actually get out front and lead and educate people beforehand it creates a disconnect. >> did he want to educate the people monica? really who he has to sway is congress. i guess you could argue that the people would call their members of congress if they do or don't like this deal but really right now he's giving this speech to appease or sway congress. >> we're seeing increasing number of americans as they learn more about this deal opposing the deal. when members of congress going home to their states or districts this month and hold town halls, i think they're going to get an earful from voters to oppose this bill.
11:48 am
i don't think the president cares about persuading the american people. i think he cares enough to make sure it gets through congress but now there's increasing pressure on members of congress to oppose the deal. >> dan, i want to bring your attention to something the president said today. if iran tries to cheat on this nuclear deal we can catch them and we will. do you believe that? >> i don't know. but there are some serious, serious concerns about this deal that should be aired but we're not going to get that debate. on one side you have a group of republicans that made up their mind that it was a bad deal because president obama's name was on it and then you have an administration right now playing catchup. these poll numbers show that there's an a barrage of attacks against the deal before people even knew thinkinganything about it. of course they're going to have concerns and now we have to have a debate in reverse. >> i want to move on to this other topic. jeb bush and hillary clinton trading jabs over women's healthcare yesterday. the republican candidate said this about efforts to defund planned parenthood. listen. >> i'm not sure we need a half a billion dollars for women's health issues but if you took
11:49 am
dollar for dollar there are many extraordinarily fine organizations, community health organizations that exist. >> mrs. clinton quickly jumping on that statement. >> jeb bush said he's not sure we need half a billion dollars for women's health issues. now, he's got no problem giving billions of dollars away to the super wealthy and powerful corporations, but i guess women's health just isn't a priority for him. >> monica it was a layup for hillary clinton. jeb bush came back later and clarified that he didn't mean exactly how that came out. he was specifically talking about planned parent hood. what do you make of it. >> jeb bush did use imprecise wording so you can't blame hillary clinton to jump on that and invoke the barrage on women. i don't think it's working this time. every republican candidate has to know that no matter what they say, even though everybody knows what he meant here they have to
11:50 am
know to weigh their words carefully because the other side doesn't care about the facts or the truth and they will use it to attack and smear their candidate. >> or any other candidate who's running againstnow, right? you cannot take mistakes like this continually. >> you can't do mistakes likes this continually. but this doesn't have long term damage. he is a seasoned guy, recognized he misspoke and cleaned it up. i think what it is indicative of is jeb bush is rusty as a candidate and hasn't been tested the same way as the other guys who have been out campaign examining running for elective office. when was the last time he ran for governor? >> 2002, i think. >> i think the rust is showing. >> i have got wrap it there. big clue in a year and a half long mystery. officials confirming a recently found wing flaperon that belonged to mh370. what about the whereabouts of the rest of that airplane? back with more on that.
11:51 am
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breaking news foksz news alert. malaysian fshls say a plane part saying a plane part found on the reunion island does belong to mh370. still many questions about the pilots and what caused the plane to crash. tracy gallagher has more on that part of the story. >> reporter: malaysian authorities do believe the crash of mh370 was a deliberate act. of course all the finger pointing goes directly toward the pilot. remember ekt investigators found the captain had that flight simulator at his home. it showed he often practiced landing on small islands. a 580-page report by malaysian authorities showed there was no evidence of a rogue pilot, no evidence that the captain deliberately brought that plane
11:55 am
down. for example, he had no life insurance, didn't appear to have significant stress in his life quoting from the report there were no behavioral signs of social isolation, change in habits or interests, self neglect, drug and alcohol abuse of the captain, first officer or cabin crew. they also looked at surveillance video of the captain getting onto the flight and finding nothing unusual saying quote the pilot appeared well groomed and attired. the gate and mannerisms were his normal characteristics. the family of captain shah maintained he did not take that plane on a suicide plunge. it was the copilot who signed off to air traffic controllers before the plane disappeared but again no signs of a rogue pilot. finding the piece of mh370 helps the investigation but the key to the crash is sitting somewhere at the bottom of the sea. the black boxes of mh370 will tell the true tale of why this plane veered so wildly off course. >> if those are everndr found.
11:56 am
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supplement. new bayer pro ultra omega-3. time for my take now. the way people currently perceive america provides a important backup drop for the gop debates tomorrow night. interesting to note although we are not in amajor crisis right now, a recession or a major war, the majority of americans consistently say they don't see america moving in the right direction. the most important issue facing americans, according to the latest fox news poll, the economy and jobs. maybe that's because, according to the commerce department and the american enterprise institute, the u.s. is about to have its first ten hr-year period since world war ii without at least one year of 3% growth. every election cycle, we hear that americans in the end will vote with their pocket books. but this time around it looks like the candidate who truly comes up with a plan to revitalize our economy and jobs
12:00 pm
will probably end up being the winner. you can always get my take on my facebook page and at fox busy news day today on the real story. thanks for being a part of it. i'm gretchen charlesson. they found part of the mystery jet. the malaysian prime minister says there is no longer any doubt. so that's one question answered. malaysian flight 370, and its 239 passengers and crew are in the indian ocean. but the mystery has just deepened. did the pilot deploy that flap suppose supposedly or purposefully for a water landing? and is that why it broke off? is the rest of that jet and all the passengers intact somewhere? and what actually happened in the moment before that jet disappeared? details and expert analysis ahead. plus tomorrow is the day. the first gop debate in cleveland. we now know the lineup. what in the world can we expect from the


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